Feds Will Push Driverless Cars

Feds Will Push Driverless Cars

The United States Department of Transportation will push driverless cars, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said last week. He is expected to unveil the administration’s autonomous vehicle policy tomorrow in a speech in Silicon Valley. The DOT is expected to expedite the usually glacial federal rulemaking process for this technology and to remove barriers that typically slow innovation.

“We want to ensure that industry sees DOT as an agency that is not only working to set the bar for safety in the marketplace but is leading in technologies that can play a role in enhancing safety,” Foxx said.

By acknowledging that the feds will push driverless cars, Foxx recognized that their advent is closer than many realize. According to the Washington Post, the arrival of some of this technology is just months away, with General Motors planing to roll out models next year. On the West Coast, California’s DMV is set to finish operational rules for autonomous vehicles later this month.


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