Tesla Turn Signal Solves Who’s At Fault

Tesla Turn Signal Solves Who’s At Fault

A Tesla turn signal may solve the issue of fault for the inevitable driverless car accidents to come.

Say you’re in an autonomous vehicle that makes a turn and collides with another autonomous vehicle. How can you tell which driver is “at fault” where both cars were being operated by a computer? We’ve already talked about how this issue may well disrupt the auto insurance industry, but given that Tesla Motors may soon be including semi-autonomous features in its vehicles, it is not surprise that they’ve come up with a possible solution. Dubbed the “Tesla turn signal,” it would requires a┬ádriver to depress a signal before the car would execute a turn or pass another vehicle, making sure that a motorist actually thinks about the maneuver before the car does it. This kind of driver involvement would supposedly allow the insurance industry to assign fault in the event of a collision.

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