Half of California Driver’s Licenses Issued to Undocumented Residents

Half of California Driver’s Licenses Issued to Undocumented Residents

According to the Los Angeles Times, an estimated 605,000 licenses were issued last year under Assembly Bill 60, the measure passed last year that grants the right to a California driver’s license to people in the country illegally. The figure accounts for almost half of all licenses issued in California last year.

Officer Josh Nelson, spokesman for the California Highway Patrol, suggested the measure likely improved highway safety in California. “Knowing that these drivers are being properly trained in order to get their licenses, it would only make sense that the roads would be safer,” he said.

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  1. To the contrary it is certain to cause the highways and roads less safe due to twice the congestion and traffic.
    If you look at the facts of the millions in extra revenue those states will get through the unconstitutional and illegal acts in the form of annual registration fees,license renewals and traffic fines that undoubtedly be extorted from millions of undocumented license issued. Lets not forget that the extra millions that will be extorted will go into the state treasury fund,supposedly for different public highway projects but fail to state the fact that a portion of those funds has and will continue to go into judges retire plan. Which the United States Constitution clearly says in similar sense wording -is not allowed as that will certainly lead to an biased and unjust Judicial System. I was under the impression that all judges are under oath sworn in under and by the Constitution of the United States of America. Isnt knowingly and legally enforcing these acts going completely against our Constitution and god given rights?? Im confused .. Can shed some light on this??


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