Do You Even NEED a Writ?

Preliminary Checklist

Before you go to the trouble and expense of pursuing a writ, ask yourself if there is an easier way to get what you want. One thing you want, of course, is to be able to drive again after a DMV suspension. Believe it or not, there are several alternatives to consider after a bad DMV hearing. Make sure you or your attorney analyze the issues in your … Read More

Winning the DMV Writ Without a Fight

Okay, so it’s not really without a fight; it would have been more precise to say without having to fight all the way. Let me explain.

When I go to court to seek a writ, I carry a very big stick. That stick is the one weapon DMV hates most of all: the brutal club of attorneys’ fees. You see, when I win a DMV writ after an arbitrary hearing … Read More

Be On the Lookout Orders

Be On The Lookout Order #1

Do you or (for attorneys) your clients have a case where the DMV relied or intends to rely on a blood test alone to prove BAC?

If so, check to see what title appears after the name of the toxicologist. If no title appears, or the title “criminalist” appears, or some other non-statutory term appears, … Read More

Get Your License Back

If DMV took your driver license away wrongfully, we can help you get it back. You see, we are a California law firm, and we limit our practice to DMV hearings, DMV writs and other vehicle-related matters. We also serve as appellate counsel for other criminal defense lawyers, so you can trust that we know what we’re doing!

“Writ” is another word for “order.” A DMV writ (or, if you … Read More

Essential DMV Hearing Objections

Issues Not Raised at the DMV Hearing Are Waived

One of the most frustrating aspects of my practice is seeing an issue that I know will win a DMV writ, only to find that the attorney or motorist handling the hearing failed to state the right objection or raise the issue at the time. You see—with rare exceptions—to get you a DMV writ, I can only raise issues that were … Read More