Win Your Case-BEAT DMV

Win Your Case-BEAT DMV

California’s DMV suspends about 350,000 driver licenses a year. That’s more suspensions than in New York, Texas, Illinois and Florida combined! The explanation is simple: California motorists do no get a fair hearing at DMV because the prosecutor and the judge are the same person!

If you’re confronted with an unfair suspension, there is hope. A writ of mandate from a judge can force DMV to give you your license … Read More

Get Your License Back

If DMV took your driver license away wrongfully, we can help you get it back. You see, we are a California law firm, and we limit our practice to DMV hearings, DMV writs and other vehicle-related matters. We also serve as appellate counsel for other criminal defense lawyers, so you can trust that we know what we’re doing!

“Writ” is another word for “order.” A DMV writ (or, if you … Read More