“ICUHAJI” Battle Returns to DMV

The Iraqi War veteran’s vanity plate “ICUHAJI” has acquired a life of its own in a battle between former Army sniper Sean Bujno and Virginia’s DMV.  At issue is whether the message “I see you, Haji” is derogatory to Arabs and Muslims and in violation of Virginia’s regulations against such messages appearing on vanity plates. Bujno won his first round in court with a judge’s ruling declaring the regulations to … Read More

Widow Beats DMV to Get Veteran’s Benefits

Widow Beats DMV to Get Veteran’s Benefits

pierceA determined Billings, Montana widow got an apology and a check from DMV after it wrongly denied her benefits under a disabled veteran’s law. Evelyn Pierce’s husband Billy–a disabled Korean war veteran–died in 1999 and DMV confiscated his disabled veteran’s license plates. Under Montana law at the time, a surviving spouse was not eligible to retain the plates or to have registration fees waived. Montana changed the law in 2003 … Read More

Iraqi Veteran Denied Anti-muslim plate “ICUHAJI”

Iraqi war veteran Sean Bujno had used the license plate “ICUHAJI” for four years before Virginia’s DMV revoked it in 2011. After first winning the case last year by a circuit judge’s decision, Bujno has had his lawsuit twice dismissed by a state court judge and is now considering filing a federal lawsuit. DMV deemed the plate to violate regulations against letter combinations that are “socially, racially, or ethnically … Read More