Writs & Appeals

Understand How Writs & Appeals Can Overturn Your Suspension & Beat DMV

An Introduction to DMV Writs & Appeals

In short, writs and appeals are the weapons we use to beat DMV. They are considered “appellate” remedies, because both writs and appeals ask a court to overturn an unfair ruling. Writs and appeals are a special branch of the law, and that’s why many very talented lawyers refer their writs and appeals to us. If DMV has suspended your driver’s license, endorsement or special certificate, contact us immediately to protect your rights.

What is a Writ?

“Writ” is another word for “court order.” A writ is a kind of order from a judge telling a lower court or a government agency (like a school board or DMV) to reverse a decision. The fancy legal term is writ of mandate or writ of mandamus following the Latin convention. Where the writ is directed to an administrative agency like DMV, it is often called a writ of administrative mandamus. Whether you prefer the Latin or not, a DMV writ is an order signed by a judge telling DMV to reverse one of its decisions — usually a license suspension. The writ process is the way you appeal a DMV suspension-if you win the appeal, the judge issues a writ; if you win the writ, you get your license back. If DMV acted in an arbitrary and capricious manners, you also get your attorneys’ fees paid.

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