Appeals from a Superior Court Judgment

Challenge the final decision of a superior court

Appeals from a Superior Court Judgment

Appeals, like writs, are a way to overturn an improper legal decision. Unlike writs, though, appeals are always directed to a lower court, which is almost always the Superior Court of the State of California.

At the end of every superior court lawsuit, the judge presiding over the case signs a document called a judgment that formally ends the litigation. The judgment usually resolves the issues of the case in favor of either one side or the other, but sometimes it decides some issues for one side and the other issues for the other side.

Any party against whom a judgment is directed (or partially directed) may appeal the adverse decision to the court of appeal. While some litigants do their own appeals (especially in criminal law), appellate litigation is a specialty, and you are best served by hiring a qualified appellate law firm to pursue any California appeal.

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