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Introduction to California DMV Investigations & Hearings

The California DMV has broad discretion to determine who can drive in California, and under what circumstances. There are limits, though, to when DMV can deny a license or take action against one that has already been issued.

An “investigation” begins without any notice to the motorist and may escalate into an interview or re-examination. If DMV decides to take action against a license, endorsement or special certificate, the motorist has a right to a hearing to challenge that action.

A motorist should never submit to an interview, re-examination or hearing without speaking to a competent DMV attorney first. If DMV has ordered you to submit to an interview or re-examination, or has already taken action against your license, endorsement or special certificate, contact us immediately to protect your rights.

Rodney Gould was awesome! DMV took away my special certificate as a School Pupil Activities Bus (SPAB) driver without any reason. Mr. Gould proved them wrong and got my certificate back. Thank you Mr. Gould! Michael M., San Francisco, California

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