Grounds for an Investigation

DMV Investigations & Re-examinations

Grounds for an Investigation

“Investigation” is the term given to the first level of DMV’s actions against a motorist’s driver’s license that might lead to probation, suspension or revocation. The Vehicle Code very broadly authorizes an investigation if DMV’s records or other evidence shows any of the following: an accident causing death, personal injury or serious property damage; three or more accidents within a year; three alcohol-related convictions or accidents in three years; reckless, negligent or incompetent driving; allowing fraudulent use of a driver’s license; or any ground permitting refusal of a license.

An investigation is an internal and secret DMV process that provides no notice to the motorist.

Section 13800 authorizes DMV to conduct an investigation into whether a motorist should be placed on probation or have their license suspended/revoked upon the showing of one of the seven things listed above.

VC 13800


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