How to Prove You're Not a California Resident

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How to Prove Your Not a California Resident

For driver’s license cases, show that you are registered to vote in another state, that you pay nonresident college tuition in California (or resident tuition somewhere else), a homeowner’s property tax exemption, anything that tends to show your presence in California is temporary, or anything that shows a permanent presence someplace else. For vehicle registration cases, in addition to all the things mentioned above, you can also show your out-of-state driver’s license, place of employment, where your children go to school, place you rent a residence, or anything that shows a permanent presence someplace else.

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If you stay in California for six months out of any 12-month period, DMV will presume under Section 516 that you are a California resident. It is a rebuttable presumption, though, and the Vehicle Code lists several things you can show to beat DMV. Section 516 provides an illustrative list of evidence geared toward vehicle registration cases; Section 12505 provides a list geared to driver’s license cases. Both sections contain a catch-all that allows you to introduce “other acts, occurrences or events” that indicate residence.
VC 516, VC 12505

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