How to Get Your Firefighter Restricted License / Firefighter Endorsement

Currently for firefighters an endorsement is required

How to Get Your Firefighter Endorsement

In 2011 the CVC was amended to require all operators of firefighting equipment to have a firefighting endorsement on their licenses. Restricted firefighter licenses are no longer issued, though the ones that still exist are not invalid, if they are not expired. Instead, there are a variety of license types that can receive the firefighting equipment endorsement. The endorsement can be applied to a Class A or B license, a restricted Class A license, a noncommercial B license or a C license. In order to obtain this endorsement, one must show proof of employment or volunteership at a fire department, have completed a Fire Apparatus Driver/ Operator course as officiated in accordance with the State Fire Marshall. You must then pass a DMV test approved by the State Fire Marshall and submit a health form (DL 546 or DL 51 ) and then you will be qualified for the endorsement.

Firefighting Firetruck
Firefighting endorsements are a complicated subject. Many different combinations of license types can be used by firefighters, each with their own particular restrictions and processes. The class of license required to drive vehicles is, in part, determined by the rules and regulations of individual firehouses (12804.11(g)).
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