How to Get Your Junior Permit

Ages 14 and older, granted in exceptional circumstances

How to Get Your Junior Permit

A Junior Permit is a permit that allows those aged 14 and older to drive. It is a permit granted in only exceptional circumstances. If other methods of transportation are proven untenable, the young applicant may be allowed to drive themselves to school, to work necessary to support the family or the driving of a parent or guardian because of their illness. The applicant must fill out a DL 120 and have it signed by their parents or guardian, their employer, the principal of their school and a doctor depending on what circumstances have caused them to request this exemption. A permit holder is required to take a driving course within six months of receiving their permit, if they do not, it will be revoked.

This permit is extremely difficult to get. The DL 120 requires that you prove there are no other reasonable way to accomplish transportation. It asks you why bus routes, vanpools, taxis and bicycling are not options and asks for relevant distances. If you apply for this, be prepared. As per 36300, those with a Junior Permit cannot haul or operate farm equipment. The approved drivers training courses are, per 12814.6 (3), ones equivalent to secondary school courses in training and studying, approved courses that follow integrated classroom content and behind-the-wheel components with driver training that comprise 30 hours in the classroom and at least 6 in behind-the-wheel training or at least 6 hours in behind-the-wheel training by a licensed school.
12514, 12814.6 (3), 36300

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