How to Get Your Double Trailer Endorsement

Pull Two Trailers, Keep on Truckin'

How to Get Your Double Trailer Endorsement

A double trailer endorsement is what is required to pull two trailers. This might sometime be required for a trucking job. The endorsement can be obtained either in the process of obtaining a commercial license or after one has been obtained. If you apply for a double trailer endorsement in the process of getting a commercial license, the written test will be tacked on to the other CDL tests. If you apply for a doubles endorsement after you have had your CDL for some time, you will need to take the law test. The fee will be 39 dollars. There is no individual skills test for a T endorsement, so if you are merely applying an endorsement to a license, you will not take a driving test.

The process for getting the endorsement by itself is the same as with any other test: Make an appointment, go to the DMV, take a test and if you pass, get the endorsement!

double trailer
Notes: Triples are illegal in California. Driving doubles is notoriously difficult and should not be undergone without previous CDL practice. Someone who is desirous of entering the trucking profession, however, may want to obtain their T endorsement when they get their CDL so they will be free of the hassle when they are ready to drive doubles.
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