How to Get a Fifth-Wheel Endorsement

Pull a travel trailer up to 15,000 lbs.

How to Get a Fifth-Wheel Endorsement

You do not need a Class A license to pull a fifth wheel travel trailer up to 15,000 lbs. not for compensation. You may tow a 15,000 lbs. trailer with just a Class C license and the Fifth Wheel Endorsement.

To get this endorsement you must fill out the DL44 application and pass a vision test as well as the written, noncommercial Class A law test. If you have not renewed your current C Class license within the last year, you will have to take the C Class law test. There is no driving test.

The Fifth Wheel Endorsement allows you to tow a fifth wheel up to 15,000 lbs. without having to get a Noncommercial Class A license. It will appear on your Class C license as “Restriction 41.” To get the Fifth Wheel Endorsement, you must pass the Noncommercial Class A written examination even though it is an endorsement to your Class C license. (Getting the Noncommercial Class A license is another way you can tow a 15,000 lbs. fifth wheel travel trailer, but is not necessary if you get the endorsement by just passing the exam.) Tip: You will likely have to explain to the DMV worker several times that to get the Fifth Wheel Endorsement you need only pass the Class A exam and not get the Class A license.


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