How to Get Your HazMat Endorsement

Requirements for transporting hazardous materials

How to Get Your Hazaradous Materials (HazMat) Endorsement

In order to transport hazardous materials, a hazardous materials endorsement is required. A Hazmat endorsement may be required for commercial trucking. While obtaining a hazmat endorsement is often part of the process when applying for a commercial license, it can be applied to a current commercial license by taking the corresponding hazmat written test at the DMV and submitting to and passing a TSA threat assessment.

For the threat assessment will fill out an application over the phone, pay 94 dollars and give your fingerprints. The TSA is essentially doing a comprehensive background check. You will then receive notice as to whether you have passed.

If you are in the process of getting a commercial license please see Commercial License Class A & Class B for where this comes in the process.

After you get you get the endorsement, you are still not quite done. Section 32000.5 of the CVC requires the transporter of any hazardous material for which a placard must be displayed to have a Hazardous Materials Transportation License as issued by the CHP. For this, the CHP 361M must be filled out. If you lack a CA number, the CHP 362 must also be filled out. After this, you’re all set!

Your Class C license allows you to drive a housecar up to 40’ in length. (Section 12804.10(a).) If you want to operate a housecar longer than 40’ but not more than 45′ long, you will need to obtain the Noncommercial Class B license created just for such housecars, as well as the Housecar Endorsement that goes with it. You will be required to pass both a written exam and a driving test (Section 12804.10(b)) and submit medical information initially and every two years thereafter. (Section 12804.15(c)(2).)
VC 12804.10, VC 12804.15

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