How to Get Your Tank Vehicle Endorsement

Endorsement N for hauling material or fuel containers

How to Get Your Tank Vehicle Endorsement

A tank vehicle endorsement, endorsement “N”, is the endorsement necessary to haul vehicles that have tanks. This endorsement is required for tank vehicles that require a commercial driver’s license to haul that have a permanently attached tank that hold 119 gallons or more, or a collection of tanks of over 1,000 gallons, permanent or portable. “Tanks” can be both container used to haul material or those used for fuel storage to power a vehicle. A tank endorsement is also required if a Class C vehicle should possess one of these tanks.

For a tank vehicle that will haul hazardous materials, the X endorsement is necessary as well. The process for obtaining these endorsements is simply taking a written test. Per Section 34060, tank vehicles are subject to random on and off highway inspections.

VC 15210, VC 34060

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