Special Driving Certificates

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Special Driving Certificates

Understand the Different Special Certificates

Certificates and endorsements are subtly different, though they both add driving privileges to a Class A, Class B or Class C driver’s license. Certificates are entirely different pieces of paper, while endorsements are applied over a license. Both usually require additional testing and certification.

Each certificate has conditions for its issuance as well as for its removal. Conviction of certain crimes will trigger the revocation of certificates. Certificates are required to drive an ambulance, school bus, paratransit vehicle and farm vehicles among others. Because driving certain vehicles involves the transport of many people, the relevant certificate as well as the passenger transport endorsement will be required.

There are currently ten special certificates issued by DMV:

Can’t find what you’re looking for? The driving privileges you’re seeking may not be granted by a special certificate but by an endorsement instead.

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