How to Get Your Farm Labor Vehicle Certificate

Medical Evaluation, Approved Course, Classroom Learning

How to Get Your Farm Labor Vehicle Certificate

A farm labor vehicle is a vehicle for the purpose of transporting farmhands to and from work, or to other work related activities. To get your farm labor vehicle certificate, you must hold a license of the appropriate class and have the passenger endorsement. You must then submit a medical evaluation, take an approved course that involves at least 10 hours of classroom learning and 10 hours of behind the wheel practice. You will present State Department of Education Training Certificate T-01, signed by the instructor of the course, at your written and driving test to confirm your successful completion of the course. After taking both a written and driving test, you will receive the certificate. Renewing a farm labor vehicle certificate require two hour of continuing education classes for every 12 months driven.

VC 12517.2, VC 12517.4, VC 12519, 40084, 40086

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