How to Get Your General Public Paratransit Vehicle Certificate

Transport 24 Passengers

How to Get Your General Public Paratransit Vehicle Certificate

I general paratransit vehicle is for the transportation of member of the general public, including young students. It transports 24 passengers and the driver. To get a general paratransit certificate, one must undergo fingerprinting, a backgroud check and a medical exam. The applicant must also take a driving course and upon completion, a written test and driving test proctored by the CHP. The applicant must also posses the appropriate class of license and a passenger endorsement. While a “general paratransit vehicle” serves the general public, “paratransit vehicles” also serve special communities such as the disabled or elderly. These paratransit vehicles require supplemental training. For the continued operation of a paratransit vehicle, a person must undergo four hours of refresher training on safe operation of a paratransit vehicle and four hours on the special transportation needs of the people they are transporting. This must be completed every calendar year.

VC 12523.5, VC 12517.4, VC 12517.5, 12517.3, 12517.5

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