How to Get Your Youth Bus Certificate

Transport kids to and from events

How to Get Your Youth Bus Certificate

A youth bus is a transportation vehicle that drives kids to and from events, but is not necessarily associated with a school. A youth bus, for example, may be employed in the transportation of boy scouts to an event. To get a youth bus certificate, one must submit a recent medical evaluation, be fingerprinted and background checked before completing an instructional course with, at minimum, ten behind the wheel hours and ten classroom instruction hours. After this course, take the signed form of completion to the CHP for the written and driving tests. On must also hold the pertinent class of license and the passenger edorsement. Renewing a youth bus certificate requires two hours of refresher training for every 12 months the certificate is held.

Youth Bus
Per 12522, even if you have your certificate, you must still take an approved course on child first aid before you actually drive students.
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