How to Get Your Schoolbus Certificate

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How to Get Your Schoolbus Certificate

To get a schoolbus certificate, one must possess a commercial driver’s license and pass a test. The driver of a schoolbus must also possess a passenger endorsement and as such, must have a clean record. A schoolbus certificate, combined with the schoolbus endorsement allows the holder to drive a schoolbus under all its conditions of occupancy.

A schoolbus endorsement alone is sufficient only to drive an unoccupied schoolbus under the duties of a mechanic or while learning to drive a schoolbus. In order to get this endorsement you must undergo finger-printing and a background check as well as submit a medical exam. After that, one must complete an instructional course and take a written and driving test.

Upon completing the course, you will fill out a State Department of Education Training Certificate T-01 with your instructor. You will present this form when you take your written and driving tests administered by the CHP.

Upon completion of the written and driving portions, you will receive the endorsement and certificate. The renewal of the certificate is done by 10 hours of renewal teaching, either behind the wheel or classroom, for each 12 month the certificate is held.

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Per 12522, even if you have your certificate, you must still take a course on child first aid before you actually drive students.
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